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Rooster Blog Party

My good friend Barb, from Bella Vista, is hosting a fun party in Blogland.  She has invited us to show our roosters!  You need to head over and check out her invitees and all their roosters!

You might remember that I am not a collector or decorator of roosters.  All I could do last year was this and this year, unfortunately, I won't do much better.  I always have fun at Barb's so I just have to participate!

This year I wanted to focus on a product that my ever lovin' Triplet sister Tammy introduced me to.  It is called Rooster Sauce, a garlic hot sauce that is mighty fine in many ways.  Tammy told me to use it in my Bloody Marys but I am not eager to smell like garlic first thing in the morning (I'm kidding).  It was awesome.
A bottle of Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce produced ...

Tammy did not lead me astray.  I made mine the way I usually do, plain tomato juice, worchestershire sauce, a pinch of celery salt, fresh lemon juice, horseradish, a bit of olive juice, vodka (pepper vodka is good) and now, a bit of Rooster Sauce.  Tammy puts a meal on a stick in place of the celery and now I am liking that idea a lot.  Cheers!

I found these darling napkin rings  at a store in St. Charles.  Bob cooked this lovely dinner for us (nope, the salmon isn't from Missouri!) and I thought it all looked pretty together!

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