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Summer Refreshment

Bob and I have started to make this wonderful watermelon lemonade.  We tried it at the crepe place in St. Louis and decided we wanted to try it out ourselves.

First we juiced a watermelon, enough to get 1 c juice.  Then we made a lemonade using a frozen concentrate.  We poured the watermelon juice into the lemonade. 

I strained the juice to remove the seeds and pulp.  The drink is wonderfully refreshing on these so hot and humid days!

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  1. And by "hot and humid days" you mean every single day this summer!!!

  2. It sounds delicious and refreshing! If I could find a watermelon, I'd try it. I can find seedless watermelons, but I don't think that they have much flavor.

  3. Sounds wonderful...thanks for sharing..Pat H

  4. I know I would love this! Thanks for sharing this idea. Oh, and it has been soooo hot and humid.

    Becky K.

  5. Yum, that sounds absolutely delish!


  6. YUMMMMM! That looks as refreshing as it sounds!!! I love, love, LOVE watermelon. That glass is PERFECT, too! It's supposed to be 100 today and 101 tomorrow....THEN, just maybe, some cooler weather will roll in! L, Dana

  7. Yum! That sounds like something I should try.

  8. Sounds yummy! I mix tea and lemonade all the time but have never heard of watermellon and lemonade. I have some lemon glasses I bought last year at the dollar store and can't find them. Ugh! I hate when that happens.


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