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Rock On!

Last year, you might remember I pinked and purpled my hair for the African Book Project. I wore that hair color for almost 60 days. I would have imagined that would have left an impression on me... to think before I speak. OoooHhhh. Nooooo.

When asked this year, I immediately replied, I will punk my hair! Did I say this quietly to a few people who might have gently tried to remind me of last year??? Ooooohhh. Nooooo. I said it in front of 600 elementary kids and 300 middle school kids.

My wonderful stylist, Heather, from Bella Capelli, agreed to style my hair in a punk fashion on stage in front of the school. One of my teachers kept the kids entertained with slides from Africa while Heather and her friend Amanda turned me from principal-to-punk.

I was pulled, teased, sprayed, glued, poked, braided, whatever it took to get my unruly hair into a mohawk, with a few little blue strands of hair here and there. The outcome:

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  1. You are just too funny. I love it.
    So happy to have "met" you in blogland.
    Can't believe it has been years ago now.
    Time flies.

  2. Anonymous7:05 AM

    Terri, you are the most awesome elementary principal that I know! Bar None!!!! Thank you for making learning fun!

  3. You'll do anything to motivate your kids! Love it! You know, you look really good. Keeping this look for 60 days?

  4. OMGOSH, WOMAN.....

  5. You are one cool chick! I know your kids LOVE you! You're making memories they will never forget.


  6. You just cracked me up! Girl, you can seriously rock that look.

  7. You simply rock!!!!


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