Bob's Retirement Reception

Jefferson City Public Schools puts on a retirement reception for the retirees at the school. Bob was one of the Lewis and Clark retirees. As the head principal, it was a lovely ending to his career as a public school educator.  It was a lovely reception and Bob was so lucky to have his mom and brother join him along with Ashley, Eric and me.

Eric, Irene, Bob, Ashley

Gary, Irene, Bob

Eric and Gary

Bob has plans to work in higher education after this retirement, so his impact on teachers and students will not be lost!  We are truly blessed that he will have this second opportunity to impact students who want to major in education.  Thanks to Jefferson City Public Schools for the lovely reception.
Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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  1. Congratuations ~~~ all the way round! Time to relax, kick back ... enjoy.

  2. I think that I've missed some big news... Bob is retiring? Are you?

  3. Good grief ... and to an educator, I hit the wrong key and misspelled congratulations!!!

  4. Ahem. EXCUSE ME but is he actually old enough to retire!?! He looks great!


  5. So happy for Bob that he was recognized. I can see the family resemblence 'tween his brother and himself. I happen to think you got the handsomer one! ;)


  6. Congrats to Bob! Are you planning to retire any time soon?



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