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It's My Birthday!

I was born November 17, 1958 to Jerry and Shirley (Holt) Oliver in Marceline, Missouri at around 3:00 a.m.  There was a light snow that day.  I was born in a hospital, the first in my family to do so.  I was the oldest grandchild of Raymond and Lorraine (Wilson) Holt and Joe and Mildred (Dorrell) Oliver.  I came into the world welcomed and loved.  My aunts and uncles doted on my (oh yes you did, David) and I have pictures to prove it.

At Christmas 1958, I am about four weeks old here.
 I love my birthdays and have never regretted any birthday that has come my way.  I imagine it's because it was a time of celebration in my family.  Both sides would come together, with my great grandparents, and watch me blow out a candle and take a big bite of cake.  I would be wearing a fluffy {scratch} dress and black patent leather shoes that would be off my feet in a flash.  I would be surrounded with all kinds of girly toys.

Today I am 53 and so grateful for every year!  I will say that I don't feel 53 but I believe that is due to a profession where it is ok to show your inner child (elementary principal) and the more often you do, the better!

I am looking forward to opening the cards and letters that have been arriving at the house for the past week and opening the gift that Bob left for me.  Still surrounded with all kinds of girly things!  I am looking forward to my morning phone call to my mom who will spoil me with words of love and praise as she does every day.  I am looking forward to my students giving me homemade cards and the text messages from my nieces and nephews and posts from my Facebook friends. 

God continues to bless me with birthdays, so I am going to love each and every minute of it!
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