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Thanksgiving Eve

I love that our school system allows us the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off.  Several districts I have worked in before had us working until noon on Wednesday.  I feel much less rushed and able to enjoy the holiday more since I can do preparing the day before.

So what is going on in the Steffes house in 2011?  Ashley and Eric came home from Indiana last night and we visited shortly before going to bed.  We woke up bright and early on Wednesday, though, as we all had big lists of things to accomplish!

Ashley and I had some beauty routines to attend to first, then we both headed to Walmart to do some shopping.  The store wasn't busy but then again, there weren't many cashiers either.   We got our supplies without any problems and headed home.

We got started right away.  We got a gingerbread cake in the oven for our trifle. We made a batch of cookies for the Steffes Cookie Swap tomorrow.  Ashley made a simple chocolate cookie with Nutella in it.  It is so chewy and luscious!  Then Ashley made pumpkin pudding for our trifle.  We let the pudding cool and then I made a batch of pumpkin seed brittle to decorate the trifle top.  After it cooled, we broke it into pieces.  When the pudding was cool enough, we layered our trifle dessert, wrapped it up and its in the refrig cooling.  We packaged up Ashley's cookies and started making my Strawberry Angel Cookies.  Time for a Sonic break!

After lunch we cleaned up our messy kitchen and Ash and Eric headed over to his parent's house.  All his family was in town!  Bob came home with a crown roast, brussel sprouts, butternut squash, pumpkin gnocchi and some good looking bread.  Our Thanksgiving dinner with the four of us is tonight!  I think we are going to be fed well!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve to all!
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