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A Study in Tradition, part 2

Last year, I took you through a photo journey as Bob's cousin Dianne made the traditional mincemeat pies here and this year I am showing you how my sister, Tammi, makes the rolls that have been served for our Holt family for many years.

My sister agreed to this photo essay under one condition:  I could only photograph her hands.  No other parts of her body.  I signed in blood. Ok, not really but it sounded very dramatic.

Yeast, oil, water

Add in some sugar...

Oh yea, baby, the yeast likes some sugar!

Add in a little flour....

Oh no!  How did this picture get in here?  {snicker}

Work it, Tammi!

It's magic!  That gooey, sticky mess is now a smooth ball of dough.
Rise, oh master, rise!

Even though its the next picture, 20 minutes or so elapsed...

Make into little puffs of goodness, and bake.
These bake in the oven and smell up the kitchen with a warm, yeasty smell that drives us all nuts!  As soon as they come out, someone who remains nameless (Chris) (Ben) (Ashley) (Bob) (Tammi) (Terri) grabs the center roll, butters it up and shares it with the rest of us.  Mmmm.

Grandma Holt would be so happy to know that her yeast rolls continue on.  As Tammi was making them, I overheard Kassie say, "I can't wait for Grandma Tammi's rolls."

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