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Our 36th Wedding Anniversary

June 18, 1977 I married Robert Joseph Steffes, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health.  We have managed through all of those things but it was with a lot of hard work, forgiveness and dedication.

Anniversary circa 1982, wearing my pearls and the gold watch my Grandmother Holt gave me for my 16th birthday.

When I say "thirty-six years" it sounds like a lifetime, but I can attest that the time went ever so quickly.  We did so many wonderful things:  raised a daughter, earned three doctorates between us, traveled all over the United States and Europe, developed hobbies, gave our lives to public education, and so much more.  Keeping track of our blessings is difficult because we have been very blessed.

This isn't to say that our marriage wasn't challenged.  It was, over and over again.  Every day we wake up dedicated to working on and making our marriage work.  We have plans, you see, to travel together, get in shape, build a house and raise a grandchild or two!

So, thank you, Bob, for thirty-six years of marriage.  I love you, cannot imagine spending my life without you, and am looking forward to the next chapters of our married life. 
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