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Crazy about Cookbooks

I have always loved cookbooks.  As a little girl, my Grammy bought me my first cookbook, a Junior Better Homes cookbook that I loved.  I did every recipe in the book.  Maybe you had one, too?

I still have mine.  Ashley and I cooked a couple of things from it when she was little and I plan to use it again when I (hopefully) have a grandchild.

I have strayed from buying cookbooks in the last couple of years.  For one, we downsized and moved, so I really went through my books and only kept the ones I really loved.  For two, recipes and ideas are so readily accessible on the internet that I haven't felt the desire to purchase any.

Until now.

Look at these beautiful books.  I found them at one of my favorite stores in Columbia, Tallulahs.  Who could resist these covers?  These titles??

This one caught my eye.  Remember my homemade ketchup escapade?

This one just says "Ashley Hasty" all over it.  Ok, maybe it says "Mom" too!!

I love the Cake Doctor and this reminds me of it.  But maybe even better, since there won't be any cake mixes in it.

This one sounds perfect for the season.  The title is so cozy.

This sounds like Ashley, too.  She loves blue eggs.  I love yellow tomatoes.  We should share this cookbook.

This one references my dream trip. Who wouldn't want French food from a small kitchen?  Doesn't it sound dreamy?  

Cookbooks may start appearing on my wish list again.  These will top my list. 
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