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Tipsy Tuesday

Grey is the New Black

Today I am linked up with Pam's Tipsy Tuesday linky party where you will find all things alcohol!  Pam and I share many of the same likes: we both are retired educators, we both like photography although she is much better than I am, we both like to cook/eat/drink and we both read!  I know you will like her blog, Gray is the New Black.  Go check it out!

First, I am linking back to my Tipsy Chocolate Cherry Cookies.  I posted these last week and our organizer told us about the Tipsy Tuesday party.   These are a spin off of my Tipsy Cherries that I make at Christmas.  This year they were (unhappily) forgotten, but to not waste the cherries, I made this recipe to utilize those delicious cherries.

I also wanted to do a Wine Review.  Yep, me.  Bob, Ashley and Eric are the ones who know a good wine in this family, but I had the opportunity to go to dinner with some friends to a quaint, family owned Sicilian restaurant.  This is the only bottled wine they carry, and it is so delicious.  I don't usually drink a red, or more than one glass of it.  I helped finish off this bottle and shared with two others.

Here's my take:

Sight:   Dark deep red.  Almost black in our glass.
Smell:  Dark cherries, and ripe blackberries.
Taste:  Very smooth.  The smoothness even smooths out to satin.  No bitterness.
Facts:  A blend of Syrah and a Nero d-Avola
Price:  Whole Foods sells it for $9 according to the internet.  I purchased the bottle at the restaurant for $18.

This table wine helped me understand how wine can enhance the food you eat.  The smooth velvet on the tongue, after a bit of spicy tomato sauce, was the perfect compliment.  I have never been to Sicily but a sip of this wine made me believe that I was sitting in the sun on the beach facing the Mediterranean Sea.

Now, off you go to buy some of this great wine!

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  1. Great review!! Now if only TN grocery stores could sell wine - hopefully by this summer! Thanks for linking up to Tipsy Tuesday and for the shout out!

  2. Kristin O9:56 AM

    I'm always on the lookout for a great red wine! This one looks delicious and it's totally affordable!! If you're interested come link your review up with the Thursty Thursday linkup today!!

  3. I love a good red wine!! Yum!!


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