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A Little Piece of Sunshine

I went to the Mail Center today in New Town.  I needed to grab a couple of things from Marsala's after we had breakfast at The Crossing and decided to stop by and check our mail.  Since the mail isn't delivered to our homes, it is easy to forget to check it.  Bob and I went to the Center and sure enough, there were keys in the mailbox, meaning that there was a package there for us!

As soon as I got to the house, I set the package down and since I knew who sent it and what was probably in it, I got out a pair of scissors and carefully cut across the taped edges.

Inside was this!

Lemons from sunny Arizona from our friend Cheryll.  Cheryll and her husband are friends that we met in Jefferson City.  Our mutual friend, Zoe introduced us.  Bob and I purchased some stained glass ceiling panels from her husband when they decided to move to Arizona for above the bar in our first home in JC.  Happy memories!

Sue sent two of her favorite lemon recipes with the lemons and they sound delicious, but I think the most appropriate thing to do is to make limoncello with these beauties!  Bob has a delicious recipe and I think it is time to pull it out!  I'll save those other two recipes for another time!

Thank you, Cheryll, for sending a box of Arizona sunshine to us on this wintery day!

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