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Tipsy Tuesday-White Peach Sangria

One of our must-dos while in Columbia (MO) is to visit Glenn's.  We've been going to Glenn's a long time, as far back as Bob's graduate school days in the 80s.  They moved to Boonville (MO) for awhile, but now they are back in Columbia!

We love their cocktails and their summer line up is fantastic.  My daughter and I sampled several and you will be seeing them here in the next few weeks.  Today you will see the delicious White Peach Sangria.  I love how this drink is presented.  

The drink is made with Moscato, peach schnapps, fresh fruit, and triple sec.  The fresh fruit, blueberries, strawberries, peaches and citrus is delicious, too, so you have to eat it as well.  The drink is served over ice, which keeps it cold.  It is refreshing and delicious.

Headed over to Pam's at Grey is the New Black for more fun cocktails at the Tipsy Tuesday party.  Come join us!

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