Help Us Name Our House!

For those who don't know me personally, my husband and I live in a community developed on the principles of New Urbanism called New Town of Saint Charles.  New Town is further divided into "districts" each having its own identity in our community.  Our district, called The Beach District, is one of the more complicated districts due to the freefall that was our economy back in 2008.  Our district is supposed to have a beach like theme and actually to have a beach within the district!

Those promises weren't kept for a number of years, but now with the growing economy, it looks like new plans have been made to create the beach, build more houses and add green space to our district. Our neighbors are thrilled!

Prior to all this good news, the residents of the Beach District were looking for ways to help our district be a bit unique.  One of the ideas we had was to name our houses, like the cute names given to beach cottages along the ocean.  That idea was dropped until recently, where we had a new interest growing in naming our houses.

This is where you, readers, come in.

Please help us name our house!  We are looking for names that might reflect the area we live in, our interests and personalities.  I've created a list that might help you.

  • Our house is blue with a yellow door
  • We are both in higher education
  • We are empty nesters
  • We have fabulous sunsets and I am semi famous for my sunset pictures
  • We have two dogs, Truman and Wilson
  • We live across from the lake and where the beach will be
  • We love gardening
  • We both love to cook
  • We both love cocktails and wine
  • My son-in-law calls our house "The Resort"
  • We have a bottle tree in our backyard.

In the comments below, please suggest a name or two for our house!  I'll keep you posted on our favorites!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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