Homemade Bloody Mary Mix and Frozen Bloody Mary Pops #SundaySupper

When tomatoes are in abundance in our garden, we like to make a batch of Bloody Mary mix.  It doesn't last long but it is the best Bloody Marys of the year!  We have learned to make it to our tastes, so you will want to experiment with what you like.  For example, I am not big into celery, so I use much less than most people.

Bloody Marys are a drink you can have all year.  They are always appropriate.  We are big fans of the Bloody Mary with a fantastic garnish.  For me, the drink must be wonderful but the garnish must knock your socks off!  Bacon is one of my favorites, and in fact, we played with that on this post!

Another item on your list, is a great vodka.  We like Cardinal Spirits, a vodka that is crafted in Indiana that was introduced to us by our daughter.  Love it.

Bloody Mary Mix

Around 6 pounds of fresh tomatoes.  These do not have to be pretty!
3 ribs of celery
2 cups of fresh parsley (flat leaf Italian)
2 T sea salt
the juice of 1 lime (maybe more, if you like the taste)
the juice of 1 lemon
2 T prepared horseradish (not the creamy stuff, the grated stuff)
3 t Frank's hot sauce
1 T black pepper
2 T Worchestershire sauce

Using your juicer or power blender, process tomatoes, celery, parsley and half the salt.  Place the juice in the fridge for 30 minutes, then strain it through cheesecloth to remove the solids.  Stir in the rest of the salt, lemon and lime juices, horseradish, hot sauce, pepper and Worchestershire sauce. Refrigerate.

To make the drink, take 2/3 c of mix and add 1 oz of good vodka.  Create a beautiful garnish and serve!

To take this to another level, I made popscicles from the mix and a bit of vodka, about 1/3 c to a pitcher of mix.  I stuffed the pop molds with olives and celery leaves, then poured the mix into the molds.  Due to the alcohol, I had to freeze these over night to get as firm as I wanted them to be.
These are definitely different and will be a fun ending to a grilled steak dinner!

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