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Plant Markers for Your Garden

It's planting time and if you are like me, it is difficult to remember what seeds/plants I planted where. So having a plant marker system is really important for me.  Each year I go and look at a simple way to mark my plants in the garden.  This year, using the Dollar Store as my go-to craft supply, I found these infant spoons and these white plastic spoons that made the best plant markers.

plant marker

All you need for these plant markers are packages of white plastic cooking spoons and packages of baby spoons and Sharpie markers.  That's it!

Write a list of all the plants you want to identify and favorite garden sayings.  I used the plainer baby spoons for the actual plant markers and the white spoons for the sayings.  Unpack all the spoons.  I used a black Sharpie for the baby spoons since they were a bit darker in color.  I used the colorful Sharpies for the sayings. Once I had all my materials laid out, I started writing.

I don't have fantastic penmanship when it comes to Sharpies on rounded surfaces.  However, these are just for me and my own fun, so I am happy with how colorful they are!

plant markers
For these plant markers, bury the bowl part of the spoon.

plant markers
For these markers, insert the handle of the spoon into the soil.

The sayings I chose were:

In the garden my soul is sunshine.
Now entering the SEEDY part of town.
Veggies in Training
MOJITO.  um...I mean MINT.
Plantus Unknownus
Once Upon a Thyme
Please. Water Me.
I don't remember planting this.

I have $4 invested in the spoons and about $8 in the Sharpies, but I use the Sharpies for a lot of other projects, too.  So a total of $12, with a lot of Sharpie left over!

Be creative!  Enjoy the process.  Don't be perfect, enjoy the imperfections!  Happy Gardening!

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