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Celebrating Teachers! #BacktoSchoolWeek

All the school supplies were donated by Oriental Trading but any opinion 
expressed about those donations are completely my own.

I have always loved August.  As a very young child, I remember watching the neighbor boys go to school in their new Levis and striped shirts, with sacks of school supplies and lunch boxes and wanted so badly to go with them.  When it was finally time for me to go to kindergarten, I knew exactly what to do. I shopped for pencils and paper and a box of crayons, all from the drug store where my grandmother worked.  I was even blessed with a Charlie Brown lunchbox.

That excitement never left me, even after thirteen years as a classroom teacher or the twelve I was a school principal. Shopping for clothes, buying new supplies, all was part of the excitement that is a part of the school experience.  Last week I was privileged to work with teachers new to the profession in a series of workshops designed to help them have a successful school year.  Their eager faces and and attentive ears made me gasp at the power I had at that moment, to help them form their successful new careers.

The folks at Oriental Trading understand that "back to school" excitement.  They generously donated several items to me to give away to the teachers in my workshops.  The look on their faces when they heard that Oriental Trading was aware of their needs and wanted to help out was priceless.  

You can see over 1,000 items at Oriental Trading in the school section!  It is an amazing shop to browse through. I had such a great time picking out the prizes for my workshop participants.

Share your favorite back to school memory in the comments!  I am looking forward to hearing your stories.
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