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A Sentence A Day ~July 2017

The summer months are always the hardest to do journal writing. My days are filled with trainings for my day job and the weekends are busy with traveling and fun stuff.  I did manage to complete the journal, but to be honest, I often doubled up on the writing for some of the days!

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July 1.  So excited to attend a concert of our all time favorite, band, Train!

July 2.  I am starting a new bible study with a group here in my community, which I am all excited and nervous about.

July 3.  I enjoyed a lunch with one of my favorite people today, a person who has her life all together and always shows me how mine is wonderful, too!

July 4.  I love fireworks and so far this week I have been so lucky to see them at the Cardinals ball game we attended last night and over the weekend!

July 5.  Fireworks last night were amazing and I am still smiling over all the different ways we were able to experience them!

July 6.  Our trip to the Muny was so hot that we didn't stay for the whole performance, but I so enjoyed the picnic with my best friend!

July 7.  Driving TO Chicago is always exciting and fun, and this time was no exception as we were delivering Huxley to his mom and dad after days apart!

July 8.  Bob's band played at the Moonshine and I had to miss because I was sick.

July 9.  Feeling better but spent the day inside, in the coolness, as 100+ degree days are just too much for anyone to do anything of any value.

July 10.  Book Club tonight was especially fun as we had new people join us!

July 11.  I had dreaded going to the dentist today but came out with a great report.

July 12.  I have been exceedingly nervous about this three day training and it turned out to be a wonderful day!

July 13.  Today is my mom's 79th birthday and I am so grateful that she is feeling so good since her pacemaker was put in!

July 14.  To day is the last day of the three day training and it was the single best training experience that I have ever had!

July 15.  The band is at Satchmo tonight and I am so looking forward to hearing them play.

July 16.  Another fun, quiet day at home enjoying each other's company and our beautiful house.

July 17.  Tonight is the Garden Club dinner that I have been planning for months, I am so eager to see how it all comes together.

July 18.  The Garden Club dinner was fantastic and all because so many of us got together to make it look amazing with quilts for tablecloths and flowers cut from our own gardens for bouquets.

July 19.  Lovely day at home for work, after yesterday's jaunt into the City of St. Louis for a training at the Confluence School District.

July 20.  I took a meal to a dear friend who is recovering from surgery and it made all kinds of feelings well up about when I was on the receiving end... I don't think those memories ever go away.

July 21.  Headed to Chicago for the weekend and I am sure Ashley has all kinds of activities planned for us!

July 22.  Spent a quiet night our first night in Chicago, which was fine after the long drive, and enjoyed a Chicago deep dish pizza for our first meal!

July 23.  LOVED the home tour Ashley and Eric took us on yesterday, along with seeing Tiffany stained glass in a century old church.

July 24.  Attended the visitation of the father of a colleague and remembered when we were going through this same experience with my dad over ten  years ago.

July 25.  Super fun night at the Cardinals baseball game to celebrate Christmas in July with a Cardinal's nutcracker!

July 26.  Today was another bittersweet day as we said goodbye to our pastor as she leaves for Oregon next week.

July 27.  The dogs went in for grooming today and when I picked them up, they were so sweet and clean and soft!

July 28.  I met my new family practice doctor, after being with my former one for 20 years!

July 29.  Spending the weekend with my mom is always fun and I love buying things for her!

July 30.  Celebrated the 21st birthday of our band's lead singer, which just seems backwards!

July 31.  Today is the last day of the month and I am looking forward to the month of August and all that it has to offer!

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