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Missouri Wineries Near St. Louis

Fall is such a great time to visit the wineries in Missouri.  Near St. Louis, most are situated on hills and bluffs overlooking the Missouri River.  Several small towns welcome you and your taste buds to try some of the wines produced by vintners here. I love heading out on Highway 94, just west of Saint Charles where I live.  Those rolling hills take a keen eye so be sure to have a designated driver for this trip!  It is popular around here to rent a van and hire a driver to take you to and from the wineries.

August was founded by one of Daniel Boone's followers and was settled by German around 1855.  There was a big boat landing on the Missouri River which helped the economy grow.  However in the 1870s, something caused the Missouri River to change its course, and Augusta's boat landing was no more.  Still, with an abundance of river bottom soil, it was inevitable that the vineyards would come back and they did, very strong in the late 1960s. in the 80s Augusta was recognized as the first U.S. Wine District because of its unique soil.

Augusta is home to several wineries. One of the most beautiful, Montelle Winery, is located at the top of a large hill and has an incredible view.  Our favorite wine there is a Seyval Blanc.  It is a nice crisp wine with a great bouquet of apples and pears.  We've had a few snacks here, but we are eager to try one of their Sunset Dinners and their pop up wine dinner some day.

Augusta Winery surprised us at the last wine tasting they had. We went to try their new Port but was blown away by the La Fleur Sauvage.  It is a dry rose with notes of cranberry and raspberry.  It wasn't too sweet for Bob and just sweet enough for me.  We weren't a fan of the Port but we are not big port fans anyway.

Having said we are not fans of port, we are BIG fans of the port found at Balducci Vineyards.  The last two years they have made an incredible port that we love.  Balducci Vineyards has wonderful music and a fabulous seating area.  We love going there because the food is good and I love the fields of wildflowers found behind the house.

A few miles away is Defiance, where Daniel Boone set up housekeeping.  The home is there to visit and it is a beautiful place to go.  There are two wineries there that we enjoy.  The first is Chandler Hill. Like its name, it is located on a hill with a beautiful view.  Chandler Hill is unique because it offers more than Missouri wines.  They also have a wine club with special events for its members.  The vignoles here is a good wine, with hints of lime and pineapple and a crisp finish.

Yellow Farmhouse Vineyard and Winery is another winery in Defiance. I am not a big Norton fan, but the Norton here holds up pretty well.  It is particularly good with steak or a hearty sandwich.  Just like it sounds, Yellow Farmhouse is just that, a yellow farmhouse on the highway.  They have a nice seating area, too.

There is a lot to see and do besides eat and drink in this area!  Some of my favorite sites are the Historical Daniel Boone Home, Augusta Glass Studio, and the Katy Trail.  There are many bed and breakfast inns to try and some restaurants not associated with the wineries.  There are a number of festivals and activities through the year.  Five years ago we participated in the annual Candlelight Christmas Walk in Augusta. It was beautiful and so worth the trip.

Sharing with you some of my favorite places in my favorite state!  Let me know if I can help plan a trip to this fascinating place in Missouri wine country.

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