Spooktacular Dollar Store Halloween Crafts Blog Hop

I am a big fan of the local Dollar Tree in our neighborhood.  It is my go to place for paper products and cleaning products. I often find cute things to repurpose into darling decor for my home, especially at Halloween. 

I have been wanting to create a fun garland for my door.  I have been shopping around at our local floral and gifts shops and most of what I found was expensive.  In our neighborhood there is a lot of building going on, so I didn't want to put out something that would get filthy with dust and dirt from the construction sites. I decided to head to my neighborhood Dollar Store.  I didn't know what I might find, but I was pleasantly surprised to find strands of garland as a base.  I added in some other silk flowers, leaves and twine, and got to work!

This was what I brought home:  4 strands of 5 foot leaf garland, two mini scarecrows, leaves, twine and some silk flowers.

I laid out the garland and tied two together to make one 10 foot garland. Then I intertwined the other two five foot garlands and tied them with the twine.  This made a great base.  I tied in some of the leaves.  This created enough of a garland that I didn't need to add any more.  I used the silks to fluff out my basket.

I am very pleased with my fall garland and basket!  Closer to Halloween I will add some fun pumpkins and the scarecrows I purchased.  For now, I am enjoying my pretty fall look!

Please join Barb Garrett of The Everyday Home and all of these other fabulous bloggers participating in this Dollar Store Halloween Crafts Blog Hop.

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