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New Town at Saint Charles #fallingforautumn

When my husband and I were looking for a new place to call home, we were not aware that there were "new urban neighborhoods" with features like walkable markets and shops, a wide variety of home ranges, and planned green spaces for play.  We were looking for a city experience but knew it would need to wait until I fully retired from public school work.  We looked for a place inbetween his work near the airport and mine in a small rural school district.  We found Saint Charles, and then by a stroke of luck, we found New Town.

As we walked around the area, we could feel ourselves falling for this community-within-a-community.  New Town is inside the city of Saint Charles' jurisdiction, but seems like its own small town.  We have a variety of restaurants, a bakery, coffee shop, a wine bar, a grocery mart, a yoga studio, a Pilates studio, an organic farm, small shops, small businesses, churches and more.  There is a large lake that supports fishing, floating, swimming, kayaking and other non motorized water play.  There are 4 smaller lakes, too, and a new beach going in on the second lake.

We decided that this would be a great place to rent while we were looking for our city experience.  We found a delightful cottage on one of the front lakes that we rented.  That's when the people of New Town stepped up to the plate and welcomed us with wide open arms.  We fell in love with them, and them with us, and we knew that we would end up staying here.

So, after about 18 months, we drew up plans and built a home on one of the lakes (the one with the beach going in!) and are feeling so blessed for finding our forever home.

One thing that I so love about this place is there are a lot of like minded people here.  People who love to read, cook, and DECORATE.  It's like I found my heaven right here on earth.  New Town loves holidays and celebrates them in style.

Today I am going to share with you a walk around the neighborhood and show you how fall likes New Town.  The best way to share is to do it in pictures, so sit back with your favorite cider and enjoy!

 I hope you enjoyed our walk around our little community.  We would welcome you to come and see it for yourself some day!  Let me know if you are coming and we'll meet you on the porch with some tea!

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And me. Terri Steffes lives with her husband in a New Urban neighborhood in historic Saint Charles, Missouri. She writes about food, recipes, good books, travel and gardening, and decorating their craftsman style home. Our Good Life features many aspects for quality living. The blog is found athttp://www.terristeffes.com.

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