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Christmas Angel Ornament

I was given the Ziploc® Brand bags to use in my craft.

When I was a little girl, I grew up attending the Baptist Church in my hometown.  My favorite time of the year was when we celebrated the Christmas season. Each week at Sunday School I would look forward to hearing the Bible verses that related to Jesus' birth and to making the weekly Christmas craft that our teachers would have read for us.

The inspiration for this craft comes from those nostalgic memories of making ornaments in church. My parents would hang our ornaments on the tree and I would be so proud!  I want to share those feelings with today's kids, so I created this Ziploc® Brand products Christmas Angel ornament. I always have Ziploc® bags in my house, or a quick run to Walmart is always so easy!  Don't you love products that are so versatile?  I sure do! Plus, the holiday design is perfect for this craft!

Here's what you need to make this adorable angel:  

1 Ziploc® brand sandwich bag (I love the holiday one for this project!)
1 12" piece of twine
1 dollhead clothespin
1 Christmas tree sticker
1 thin line marker
1 pink marker
1 6" gold or silver pipecleaner
some kind of fill for the wings (I used "snow" glitter)
hot glue gun or strong, quick drying glue

1.  Turn the clothespin so that the slit creates two legs. Draw the hair, eyes, cheeks, and shoes on the clothes pin body.  If you're looking for tips to enhance your drawing skills, especially for faces, this guide on drawing a face can help you add more character and life to your angel ornament

2. Cut off the zipper from the bag.

3.  Add the fill for the wings.  Use fingers to smooth out the glitter over the entire surface.  Run a bead of hot glue across the opening and then use a clothespin to seal the top of the bag.

4.  Bunch the bag in the center and use the twine to tie the bag to make wings.  Tie off in a bow, then hot glue the wings to the top of the clothespin, opposite of the face.  

5.  Cut pipe cleaner in half and twist 1/2 into the halo and hot glue behind the head.  Hot glue the second half of the pipe cleaner to the back of the angel, under the wings. Bring arms to the front and fold into hands.

6.  Place the Christmas tree sticker under the hands.

This sweet angel is so adorable on the tree, and the filling for the wings will catch the light and sparkle.  When you finish with the angels, have the children come to the rug to hear the story The Little Angels Christmas Story.  Sing Angels Watching Over Me and then have angel food cake for snack!

If you are a teacher and you decide to make this adorable angel, please let me know!  I would love to feature angels on my Instagram and Facebook feeds! 

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