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Show Me Your Christmas Tree 2017

If you are new to my blog, I am Terri, a Missouri native, who loves loves loves Christmas!  No commas for me, I love Christmas so much!  Last year I invited friends from all Missouri to add a photo of their Christmas tree to my blog post.  This year, in partnership with Penny from Penny's Passions, we are giving you a chance to join us!  Click in the link below, and you can add a photo of your tree.  All I ask is that you add your town, like I did, below.

This year I am sharing my daughter's tree in her room in our house.  The theme is a coastal one, which is appropriate, as we are going to spend our Christmas in Cabo San Lucas!

My daughter actually did the decorating of this tree and she did a beautiful job!  I can see that she may have picked up a tip or two from me after all these years!

This tree also is visible from the street, which is so lovely at night! I love seeing trees peeking through the windows!  let's take a little close up of this tree.

A collection of ornaments from our beach travels!

Starfish from a local craft store. These add continuity to the tree.

Who could resist this shell tree?

This ornament was gifted to me in an ornament exchange!
This tree has been in our home for four years and we continue to love it.  It expresses our love of the beach, our neighborhood, which is called The Beach District, and reminds of all the wonderful times we have had traveling together.

Join us by sharing your Christmas tree!  Click the "Add a Link" button and follow the directions!  Feel free to email me at terri@terristeffes.com if you need help!

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  1. Already busy making Christmas holiday memories, many left in 2017 too.
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  2. Wow, your Christmas tree looks amazing! 🎄 The decorations are so festive and cozy. It captures the holiday spirit. Thanks for sharing the joy of Christmas with us in 2017!


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