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Top Eight for 2017

My blog focuses on things that I consider create a truly good life:  good food, travel, wonderful books, and beautiful gardens.  I will sometimes add a post or two on other things that I love, like movies and journaling.  These posts were the most read posts overall.

Good Food

This Cheeseburger Stew was a hit with my readers on Instagram, Facebook and my blog!  I can understand why, this is so good and really does taste like a cheeseburger.  The kids love it!

The second place post was my own creation: The Front Porch Sipper.  This is super exciting to me!  I love making cocktails and this one is so good. It was also popular on Pinterest and Instagram.  


I love reading and am in a number of book clubs, but some of my favorite books are the ones I review for myself. I am a huge fan of Christmas books, and I was so pleased that my top review was of the book Noelle by Greg Kincaid. Such a wonderful and delightful story!

I love that my post on journaling was in second place for books.  This was a fun post and one that I will repeat in the future! My Sentence a Day journaling was a close second.

Home and Gardening

I really love gardening and decorating my home. I live in a neighborhood that values these things, too, so it is really fun to highlight my home and neighborhood.  This post on how to get more blue in your hydrangeas did very well, as well as the post on our neighborhood Halloween decor.  So much fun to write these for my readers!


I ventured out into writing a little about our travels this year and the post about Cabo San Lucas was my most read post of my blog!  It was also my top pin in Pinterest and my top post in Instagram. I love to travel, so more of my posts will be dedicated to travel, within my own city and state, and our adventures throughout the states and our international travel.  

In second place and really, not too far behind, was the post I did on Missouri wineries.  I was so happy that it got so much attention!  It is such a fun thing to do here in Missouri.

I want to thank all my readers for making this year such a fun year to blog. I enjoy coming up with posts for you to read and recipes to try and sharing my life with all of you.  Happy 2018!

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