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Salad Bowl Planting Time!

Every spring one of my favorite things to do in the garden is to plant my salad bowl. I'm pretty much the only one that eats from it, but I love having these tender greens to eat during the spring.  It just seems right.

When I first started planting the salad bowl, I used seeds of all kinds and this did grow a big bowl of salad. It was far too much for me, so I did what other gardeners do, I gave it away!  There don't seem to be a large following for fresh salad greens, so I decided to plant less and to use salad plants instead of seeds.  We will see how that goes! 

Last year's salad bowl was wonderful!  Lots of salad for a long length of time.  It grew thick and full on seeds, too.  I like to plant those "variety" seed packs, so you get a lot of different colors, flavors and textures in my salad.

Here is this year's salad bowl, freshly planted!  I'll be nurturing these little babies for the next couple of weeks. I planted Boston bibb lettuce,  swiss chard, and some spinach.  Grow little plants, grow!

We also put in our seedlings for our herbs. We grow a ton of herbs!  We also planted our spring vegetables: peas, onions and cabbage (I think!)  We started a strawberry bowl and we need to add some plants to the top.  We planted two kinds, the traditional kind that throw out runners and the small alpine berries. We bought a tomato plant and a green pepper plant for pots. We love having a few fresh tomatoes every year. The last thing we planted was three types of mint.  We call it our mojito bowl!

Spring peas!

This herb garden was given to us by Bob's staff where he was principal, when his dad died. We love it!
Our Mojito bowl!
Share what you have planted in the comments.  I am eager to hear what your "must have" spring vegetables are!

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