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Skinny Pom Sparkler Cocktail

I was given this product to review. All opinions are my own.

Have a celebration coming up?  New Year's Eve, anniversary or maybe Valentine's Day?  Or even your favorite gals Girls Night Out?  I am sure all your guests will feel so loved by this homemade sorbet and sparkling wine cocktail.

Skinny Pom Sparkler Cocktail is a drink served in a champagne glass with homemade sorbet and champagne

While I have made this many times, I have yet to create my own sorbet for it. I wanted to create a version that was low sugar.  To indulge without sending my pancreas into overdrive!  To look longingly at a lovely drink and be able to have it. That's big, people.  So I replaced the sugar with Steviva KetoseSweet+ powder.  It has just 5% of the calories of sugar, yet has a familiar taste and texture. It doesn't impact blood sugar levels. Allulose is the key ingredient but it also has monkfruit and stevia.

Bright pink pomegranate sorbet in a loaf pan.

Sorbet is an easy dessert to make.  For the equipment, I use my tried-and-true Cuisinart Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker.  I have made hundreds of frozen concoctions in this thing and never fails me. I also use a saucepan, stirring spoon and a glass bowl.

Skinny Pom Sparkler Cocktail

2  cup Pomegranate juice
1 T lemon Juice
1 c sparkling wine, champagne, Prosecco, sparkling grape juice
1/2 c water

Heat 1 cup pom juice, lemon juice, KetoseSweet+ powder, and sparkling wine until KetoseSweet+ powder is dissolved.  Pour into a glass bowl and add the water and the rest of the pom juice. Refrigerate until cool. (for quick cooling, place ice cubes in a clean ziplock bag and place in the juice) Pour juice mixture into the frozen bowl of the ice cream maker.  Freeze to the manufacturer's directions. The mixture will be soft.  Pour into a metal container and place in the freezer.  After 30 minutes, scrape the container. Repeat one more time after 30 minutes, then let the mixture freeze.

Using a melon baller, scoop sorbet into champagne or wine glasses. Top with chilled champagne, sparkling wine, prosecco or sparkling grape juice. 

Garnishes are so fun!  For this cocktail consider sprinkling with a few pomegranate seeds, a spear of fruit, or non-edible garnishes like umbrellas, cute straws, or even, a sparkler!

A bottle of champagne and two very pretty cocktails in champagne glasses.

If you are interested in learning more about Steviva products, you can visit them here at:

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I'm loving the sorbet so much, you will be seeing other flavors posted here in the future, all using KetoseSweet+ powder. Check back often.

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