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Making Your Home Ready for Drop-Ins

Our homes are more than just places where we relax, unwind, and raise our families. They can also be social spaces, where we can spend time with friends and other loved ones. Indeed, there are a lot of advantages to socializing in your house, the biggest of which being that you will save a lot of money versus having to go out all the time. However, it’s true that not all homes are social-friendly. Some are the opposite, in fact! The good news is that there are always things you can to make your home better for spending time with friends and family. We take a look at a few options how below.

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In the Living Area

Most people automatically select the living area when it comes to choosing where to pass the time with visitors, and you can see why -- this is where, typically, the most comfortable seating is located. However, there’s usually one issue that prevents this part of the home from being all that it can be, social wise: all the seating is pointing towards the TV. While it might seem like a bold move, it’s worthwhile changing the furniture so that it’s more conducive to conversation, or, at the very least, putting the television in a closed cabinet so people’s eyes aren’t naturally drawn that way.

Social Supplies

It’s always disappointing when people stop by, but you’re completely unprepared for visitors. Because some of the best get-togethers are the ones that were unplanned, it’s recommended that you take steps to ensure you’re always prepared. Look at keeping a reserve of food and drinks which you can bring out should you have guests. It’s always better to have too much of something rather than not enough. It’ll take up next to no space in your home, but might just be a game changer when you’re entertaining friends and family.

Open The Kitchen Up

One of the problems with socializing in the living room is that this part of the home is often too comfortable. People can just sink into the couch; it’s not a very dynamic environment for socializing. There is another area of the house that you can use, however: the kitchen. This has grown increasingly popular as a social hangout spot in recent years. Modern kitchen designs are often open-plan, and include things like large dining tables, bar stools, and other features that are handy for creating a social environment. Take the time to make your kitchen more than just a place where you’re preparing your meals, and you’ll have the perfect space for hosting those Friday and Saturday night get-togethers.

In the Yard

Not enough people make the most of their yard space in general, and especially so when it comes to socializing. There’s so much potential in those outdoor areas. And it’s not difficult, either -- indeed, all you need is a few basic additions, and you’ll be all set to invite friends and family around. Invest in some outdoor furniture and a BBQ, and you’ll be able to enjoy long afternoons and warm summer evenings with your loved ones. If you want to make your yard space especially inviting, take a look at adding wood decking and curating the green area. You’ll feel like you’re in your own little oasis if you fill the place with plants and water features.

Sound Systems

What is life without music? It doesn’t bear thinking about. If you’re going to create an enviable social space, then you’ll want to take a look at adding a sound system to your main hangout spots. There are modern systems that will allow you to control the music in multiple rooms. Whether it’s playing those summer beats during the BBQ or the easy jazz during intimate dinner parties, your music option will help to set the tone.

Lazy Evenings

Sometimes, it’s not about getting together and talking late into the night around a dinner table. Sometimes, you’ll want it to be more informal. During the cooler months, you might invite people around just to watch a movie or binge-watch a television series -- these are especially fun things to do with your close friends. In order to make this option available, you’ll want to look at upping your living area's entertainment and comfort credentials. You’ll want to have comfortable seating options, throws, and anything else that’ll enable people to sink into multiple hours of comfort. For the entertainment, it’s all about having a large television or projector, and access to a subscription service (or a bunch of DVDs if you’re taking the old school route).

Overnight Stays

Sometimes, you’ll be having friends visit you from out of town. At others, you’ll be having so much fun that you don’t want the night to end, especially for reasons as ridiculous as simply as “it’s getting late and I should go.” You can get around this problem by setting up a high-quality guest room in your house. There’ll be no need to call the party early when you can offer your guest somewhere to stay. When it comes to setting up the room, keep an idea of a hotel room in the back of your mind. If you’re thinking in terms of hotel rooms, you’ll be able to create a space that’s relaxing and meets the needs of your guests.

Comfortable Ambiance

It sometimes takes a little bit of time for people to warm up to a social environment, for them to feel comfortable and at ease, and ready to sink into a fun few hours. You can help guide them in this direction by creating an enjoyable and comfortable ambiance. For example, think about your lighting -- it should be low and atmospheric, rather than harsh and overly bright. Candles and scent diffusers can also go a long way towards creating the right kind of atmosphere.

Don’t just keep your home all to yourself. Make a few changes, and invite your friends and family around -- you’ll find that it’s super enjoyable and rewarding to adopt a “mi casa es su casa” approach.

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  1. I love always having a baked good in the freezer so I can pop it in the stove for unexpected company.

  2. This is so true. People get comfortable fast when we offer some snack and drink. Eating together will make them feels like home

  3. Annemarie LeBlanc4:15 AM

    These are great tips! I don't usually have other people stay overnight at my house (except a few cousins occasionally). It is my sons that always have friends who stay overnight. These tips will save me lots of time.

  4. Nnniiiccceeeee...with a little effort, my home is surely ready for the President, even!

  5. I think snacks or any form of food makes people closer! I often ask my guests to get as much as they want! it works!

  6. Some great tips here! I wish we had a yard - in NYC thats mostly an exception. :)

  7. Tiffany La Forge-Grau5:27 PM

    I try to clean once a week. Some rooms go unused for that reason too!

  8. We keep sweets ready and snacks handy in case people come over to visit. Great tips all around.

  9. Jessica Hughes10:53 PM

    Loved all of your tips! We're hosting my brothers grad party this weekend and this will come in handy!

  10. I was just thinking today that when we move I want to get a bigger dining room table for entertainment. Also, I agree...ya gotta have tunes. :)

  11. i love a modern open kitchen with a lot of space! great tips.

  12. These are definitely some great ideas! I will have to incorporate some of these at some point in the future.

  13. Lavern Moore3:55 AM

    These are some really good tips for always being able to accept guests at a moments notice which is a goal of mine. Very informative.


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