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Travel Essentials (that people forget)

Vacation season is finally upon us, and many of us have started to count down the days until our big summer trip. You might have even begun to think about packing or preparing your family for your break, and you are almost certainly starting to think about time off work, getting some rest and relaxation and enjoying some time with your friends and family.

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Travel is important. Taking regular holidays isn’t just a great chance to see more of the world, which itself has enormous benefits. It’s also a chance to leave your stress behind, to bond with your family and even to take a bit of a digital detox if that is what you need.

We should all try to take at least one vacation a year, even if we don’t go far. In the modern world, where we’re all so busy trying to be perfect and live up to the ideals that society has set for us, it’s more important than ever that we give ourselves a break, and it can be hugely advantageous to our physical and mental health.

But, even though travel is something that we should do often, it’s still something that we’re not very good at. Some of us are guilty of always forgetting the same things or neglecting some aspects of our preparations. Here’s a look at some of the things that people forget when planning for a holiday, to help you to avoid their mistakes.

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It would be very hard to make it to your destination without remembering your luggage. But, before then, it’s all too easy. So many people go into the closet armed with their packing list only to find that their luggage is damaged, torn or otherwise unsuitable, or that they just don’t have anything big enough for their needs. If you are going away this summer, find great luggage now, so that it’s ready for you when you want to start packing.


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Ideally, your passport should have six months remaining on the date of your return home. It can take up to 12 weeks to renew your passport, so if it’s running out, you should already be thinking about renewing it before it’s too late. Check your passport before you even think about booking a break, even if you are convinced that it’s still valid. If you have children that have never had passports, their first one can take a while to come, so apply as soon as possible.


Travel vaccinations are essential if needed. You shouldn’t ever travel without getting any vaccinations that you might need. Doing so could put your health at risk, but also the health of people that you come into contact with when you get home. You might not even be able to travel without the appropriate vaccinations.

You can check which vaccinations you need online, and either book an appointment with your usual doctor, or visit a specialist travel clinic.


We struggle to spend a day without our phones, so if you are going away for more than a few days, you might be armed with phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, and other devices. Even if you want to use them less while you are away, they can still be worth taking for convenience. But, they are no good to you if you don't pack your chargers.
Remember, if you aren’t taking hold luggage, these items will all need to be shown as you pass security, so make sure they are easy to pull out of your bags.

Travel Adaptors

So many people get to their destination to find that their chargers don’t fit into the plugs abroad. Modern hotels and accommodations now have USB sockets instead of or as well as international plugs, but you never know, and you might find it hard to buy an adaptor when you arrive. Make sure you pack as many travel adaptors as you need for the devices that you are taking.


You can buy toiletries all over the world, and unless you are traveling somewhere very remote, you should be able to buy whatever you forget at your destination. But, they might be much more expensive than at home, and you might not be able to get the brands that you are used to. If you’ve got very sensitive skin, it’s especially crucial that you take what you need. The same goes for sunscreen.


Forget a few items of clothing, and you can usually manage with what you’ve got. Forget swimwear, however, and you might be forced to avoid the pool and beach for the duration of your trip, as sizing might be completely different at your destination. Don’t forget your swimwear.
Even if you are taking a ski trip, or going camping, you might want to spend time in the pool or at a spa. Take your swimwear, even if you don’t think you’ll need it, and you’ll have options.

A Bag for Laundry

One of the worst things about a vacation is getting home with a massive pile of washing to do before you return to work. But, at the same time, most of us overpack. We take more clothes that we end up wearing. But, if you pack these clean clothes in with all of the dirty ones, they’ll still need washing when you get home. Take a laundry bag, and you’ll have an easy way to keep your clean clothes separate.


The last thing that you want on your summer holiday is to find yourself stuck in your hotel room because it’s raining and you’ve only bought summer clothing. While it’s likely to still be warm, you won’t be able to go out in a swimsuit and shorts. Pack a light, waterproof jacket and some waterproof shoes so that you can get out and about, whatever the weather.

A First Aid Kit

If you need specific medication, make sure it’s packed and that you’ve got enough to last the duration of your trip. But, whether you need medication or not, packing a first aid kit can mean that you can patch up cuts and minor injuries for yourself without having to find a doctor and worry about health fees or making an insurance claim.

Travel Safety for Your Pet

Use the information on this so cute infographic from HonestPaws.com to plan the safest travel for your pet. Using a pet carrier is a must, even in the car. That's the best way for your pet to feel at home and safe!

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  1. Chargers are what we always forget. I'm continually surprised by that because we are a heavily electronic centric home.

  2. We travel all the time, and we have forgotten some really weird stuff. We actually did forget one of the kid's luggage once. I have no idea how that happened, but we had to turn the car around and drive back 60 miles to get it.

  3. I always carry a bag for laundry so as not to mix up the dirty ones with the clean. But carrying a first aid kit is something I should keep in mind the next time I pack for sure.

  4. Anonymous3:40 PM

    LOL I gotta' say I'm surprised that a lot of people forget their luggage 🤣🤣 But I gotta say I ALWAYS forget a bag for dirty clothes. Thankfully my husband always remembers.

    1. LOL, yes, but I have. Thankfully I live 20 minutes from the airport. It was a I thought YOU packed it, with him saying I thought YOU packed it! Ha!

  5. I always find myself second-guessing: "Did I pack everything?" Then I have to dig around and see if I didn't. Chargers are always the first in the bags! I almost always forget a bag for laundry!

  6. I agree that vacations are important, it's one of my favorite forms of self care. The list you provided of essentials is awesome. I recently started carrying a first aid kit and I am so glad I did because with four children, someone is bound to get a scrape at some point. LOL! This post reminded me that I am due for new luggage and I look forward to getting some! :-)

  7. Travel adaptors are something that people forget about a lot but they're much needed! Great essential list here! I already did my big Europe trip this year and I'm not sure if I have anything else lined up!

  8. Kristine Nicole Alessandra3:12 AM

    The most common thing I forget is extra bags for laundry. The next is travel adaptors. It always makes us spend extra to get chargers because we forgot to pack ours in our bag!

  9. Travel vaccinations are super-important now! In Uganda at the moment, everybody that has never taken a yellow-fever shot must take one upon entry!

  10. I always keep a laundry bag for myself. It's very convenient. Sometimes I also bring eco bags where I can just shove all those unnecessary things during my trip. It saves luggage space too!

  11. I travel quite a bit. My guest room is already set up with my luggage, travel essentials, passport and all those necessary items that I cannot forget.

  12. A bag for laundry is one I had forgotten a couple of times. I learned the hard way that it sucks to forget it lol

  13. I am proud to say that I have all of these checked whenever I travel! These are truly a must! I never ever travel without my laundry bags and adaptors.

  14. Checking to see if this feature works.

  15. Chargers that work in other countries is so important! Great list!

  16. This is a great list of travel essentials that is so useful. I will refer to this before my next trip! Lavern Moore

  17. I'm guilty of forgetting my swimsuit and my laundry bag. Majority of the time I'm traveling in a car, so not having a laundry bag is okay.


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