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Curb Appeal: It's More than What Meets the Eye

Homeowners think curb appeal is essential because it increases the value of a home. While this is true, there is more to a house than an extra couple of grand. Yes, you need to make sure that your home stands out from the crowd if you’re looking to make money, yet there are other considerations too. After all, a home covers all the bases, not just your bank balance.

Curb appeal involves so much more than the look of the house itself. It's the asphalt paving you use outside, it's the gravel color you choose for the driveway. Curb appeal is going to sell your house at a first glance and it's going to make you feel pride in your home without you even trying. It's the fact you can choose the colors to paint your house exterior and it's the new lighting fixtures that you put outside to encourage people to walk up the driveway. Curb appeal can add value to your home and when you get it right, it could push it up by several thousands! Your home deserves to look its very best, and with the right attention to detail, it's exactly what will happen! So, what could you be doing to enhance the curb appeal of the house?

With that in mind, below are four reasons why curb appeal matters other than house prices. Carry on reading to find out why it’s essential to spruce up the exterior of your home.

Quick Sale

The average person moves up to ten times in a lifetime, which means you might have to sell-up at some point. When you put your home up for sale, you want to get as much cash as possible to put towards your next property. However, it’s also vital to complete the process quickly and efficiently, or else you run the risk of a deal falling through. A house with a strong curb appeal increases the chances of attracting buyers, and that means there’s more chance of a bid and a quick sale. Selling up ASAP is all about making a quality first impression.

Sense Of Community

You might not care about money as much as your neighbors, but you should still keep their interests in the back of your mind. Nobody should be held to ransom by overbearing neighbors; however, there’s no reason to be completely selfish. Curb appeal, or a lack of it, will impact the value of their home, and they will blame you as a result. Inevitably, the atmosphere will sour and you might find it difficult to live next to one another. Keeping your exterior clean and tidy should ensure everyone is on good terms and the relationship isn’t toxic.

Car Maintenance

No one factors in their car when they consider curb appeal. Of course, your driveway has a significant effect on its lifespan if the ground is too coarse. Take gravel or pebbles as examples. Each time you park or reverse off the drive, the small stones will flick up and hit the underside of the car and the engine. Often, this leads to wear and tear which isn’t necessary if you install driveway pavers thanks to their smooth surface. A healthy car means fewer breakdowns and fewer times stood on the freeway waiting for a tow truck. Plus, the driveway looks beautiful too.


You want to deter criminals as much as possible, and the exterior of your home can come in handy. For one thing, regularly trimming bushes and hedges will offer them less protection if they attempt to break into your house. There is another factor, too: their perception. A well-maintained home with a modern exterior implies the rest of the house has similar features, the kind that burglars hate. Therefore, curb appeal can act as a deterrent.

Money is important, but so is a sense of community, your assets, and your safety.

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  1. I need to work harder on curb appeal. I admit, I am terrible with yard work. I do need to take care of the garden area.

  2. The curb appeal is so important to me. From the landscaping to the front porch I'm all about the curb appeal. I have never thought about the curb appeal that I don't really see. Glad you pointed out these things.

    1. Alli, you remind me of me so much that when I see that I helped you a bit, it makes me so happy!!

  3. Our house had very little curb appeal when we moved in. It is something I have actively been working on improving.

  4. Tiffany La Forge-Grau9:39 PM

    Curb appeal is a lot of fun to get into. It makes a huge difference in the whole neighborhood.

  5. We have lots to do in our house. I think the most needed is the curb appeal as we have little time for it.

  6. I tell my husband this all the time. I don't like gardening but I want it to look nice... lol

  7. Great suggestions for curb appeal! We have a few trees that are getting a little too full blocking and shading the butler entrance to our home. We've placed a security camera there, but I still don't like possibly giving anybody a place to hide. Pruning the tree back in fall.

  8. Luckily my HOA does all of the front yard work and makes everything look pretty for us. I love the RING camera for security.

  9. I totally agree! I love driving by neighborhoods where everyone has nice lawns too. It makes everything look so much better!

  10. My husband and I bought our home almost three years ago. We have been working on it ever since. We slowly have been making it more for us. We have a lot we want to do and I know it will take time. It's nice to have it worth more too.

  11. So many things that I had not considered before. I live in an apartment now, but even then you want to feel as if you are part of a community. (Rena)

  12. My M.I.L is a realtor so she was always suggesting things to do that would help increase the value of the house. Curb appeal helps out a ton!


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