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Tackle Moving Day in Three Easy Acts

From Aristotle to Shakespeare, some of the best minds have focused around the three-act structure to create stories which appeal to every need. While your home move might not be an entertaining tale, then, turning to this same three-act thinking could see you covering every aspect of your moving day.

Let’s face it; this one day forms the crux for everything you’ve been working towards. After weeks or even months, you’ll need to take care of everything in one twelve-hour period. And, as is always the case when you have a lot to do in a short time, planning is the best way to get this right.

The question is, what does a moving day three-act structure look like? In reality, this isn’t all that different from the beginning, middle, and end. Rather than filling each act with drama, though, your plan should focus on making moving less stressful. A smooth moving day is a must, after all, and here are the three acts which can make sure you achieve it.


The morning of your moving day is the first act, and your last chance to catch up on the packing you couldn’t do before. Finally, you can take those last clothes off their shelves. You can pack bathroom supplies and sweep remaining food from your kitchen. Depending on availability, you might also want to arrange for a removals firm like Bekins Moving Solution to arrive during these early hours. That way, you can load up before things kick-off, ensuring you’re able to vacate as soon as you get a call from your solicitor.


As soon as your money arrives in the seller’s bank, your solicitor will phone you to let you know that everything’s ready to go. You will then need to do one last sweep of your house before locking up and calling your movers to let them know you’re all ready to go. You should then drop your keys into the estate agent who sold your house before heading across to the estate agent holding the keys of your new property. This part of the process can sometimes seem long-winded, but trust us when we say it’s the most exciting part. Once you have those keys in hand, after all, you can head to your new home, and hopefully, meet your moving company there when you arrive!


By evening, your moving story should be drawing to a close. By this stage, the chances are that your moving company will have unpacked and left. Don’t think, though that means you can relax at last. Instead, it’s worth dedicating this first evening to unpacking essentials. You should obviously aim to get your beds set up, and even your kitchen unloaded as much as possible. By all means, enjoy an hour or so to explore, but then get to work to make sure your story ends the way you want.

And, there you have it — a successful moving tale with a beginning, a middle, and end.

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