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How Do You Know When Is It Time To Replace Items In Your Home?

 With a new year comes a fresh start and there are probably lots of things you want to sort out this year. When it comes to the home and your household items it can sometimes be difficult to know when you should fix things or replace them or even if things seem to be working well, perhaps you should replace them before it’s too late. So let’s have a look at how you know when it’s time to replace your home essentials.

Your Roof

When it comes to your roof, it’s a good idea to get an expert up there to check it if you haven’t done so in a while. The signs that you need a new roof installation are quite obvious like when it starts to leak. So it’s always good to try and be proactive when it comes to your roof as it is a big job and once it fails, it could damage other parts of your house. 

The Plumbing In Your Home

Just like with your roof, there are obvious signs when the plumbing in your home needs replacing. For example, leaky pipes can be heard or seen and while they might start with just a little drip, if you don’t get them fixed soon they can become a costly problem. Don’t ignore even a minor leakage as it can even weaken the entire house and cost extra to replace your pipes. You’ll also notice if your toilet is constantly running, the noise will be annoying but it also might be something you could easily ignore. However, you should never ignore it because a running toilet is a major cause of high water bills as hundreds of water gallons can be lost. It might also be time to replace the plumbing in your home if you notice low water pressure, clogged and slow drains, and dripping faucets.

Insulation In Your Home

It’s important to make sure that you have adequate insulation in your home, this keeps you safe and warm but it also stops you and your family from getting ill. As you can’t always see the insulation you have in your home, it’s not always easy to see when it needs to be replaced. However, there are some signs that will tell you that it’s time to replace your insulation. If you have started receiving unexpectedly high energy bills, then this could be a sign. When your insulation is failing, your walls, roof, and floor will be letting air in and out of your home more easily. This will result in hotter summers and colder winters which might then lead to putting your air conditioner or heating system on more than usual which can have a big impact on your bills. Another sign that your insulation may need replacing is if your home has been invaded by pests. You may hear pests living in your walls or notice an unpleasant smell, so if this is the case then it’s best to get it looked at as soon as you can. Finally, if the insulation in your home has become moist then potentially dangerous mold can start to grow. If your insulation is old then it will be more susceptible to water damage, so make sure you check yours to make sure it’s dry. 

Your Windows

If your windows need replacing then you’ll likely be noticing a draft. You might also be able to hear whistling through the windows and feel the cold air coming in. When you need to replace your windows you might also notice that your energy bills are higher again which means you are literally throwing money out of the window. Also if you are noticing lots of condensation then it’s a good idea to have a look at your windows and replace them.

Kitchen Cabinets

When you move into a new house, it’s a good idea to find out how long things like your kitchen cabinets have been there for. Kitchen cabinets last around 50 years, so if they look new then you shouldn’t need to replace them for a while. However, you can always maintain and update your kitchen cabinets to keep them looking modern. 


According to consumer reports, the average lifespan of a dishwasher is about ten years. To make sure that you get the best possible life out of your dishwasher, always read the manual and regularly clean it out. 


Your refrigerator will last from anywhere from six to 15 years so it really depends on the make and manufacturer of your refrigerator. Again there are signs which will show you when it’s time to replace your refrigerator, for example, if you notice your fridge is always dripping with condensation. First, check the rubber sealing around the doors to see if this is the cause of the condensation, but if not then it might need replacing. You might also hear a noise coming from your refrigerator and this might be the motor. The motor shouldn’t always be running at maximum speed, so you shouldn’t always be able to hear it. Or it might be something as simple as the fact that your food is going bad way faster than it should. If your fridge is not keeping your food cold enough then there’s a problem and it’s time to get a new one. 


When it comes to the toilet in your home it can be hard to know how long it will last before it needs replacing. However, like most of the things in your home, there are some things that can tell you when it needs to be replaced. For example, if you find yourself rebuilding the toilet guts regularly, or unclogging your toilet all too often or you notice a crack in the porcelain, it may be time for a new toilet.

With most things, it’s always good to keep an eye on them and maintain them to delay the need to replace them. If you’re unsure though then it’s always best to get an expert in to let you know. 

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