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Post Lockdown Travel Ideas for the Family

Ever since the pandemic hit the United States, travel to vacation destinations dropped by 64%. This significant drop was recorded in March and April 2020 alone. Then came lockdown and all its restrictions. Well try to remain positive, because after you’ve weathered this pandemic storm, you will have the opportunity to think up some post-lockdown travel plans for the family. Read further to discover some of these ideas.

  1. Go camping in Tennessee

Camping is a great family activity, especially after being stuck indoors. It is an excellent way to get away from the hustle and bustle of cosmopolitan life. However, be sure to make it an experience where your children would be safe and can enjoy. Tent-dwelling and out-in-the-wilderness camping style may not be the best for your children. That is why a contemporary campsite for the entire family is suitable and will help create lasting memories for all ages. You can use the US Forest Service campsite reservation system to book a spot in advance. The Smoky Mountain recreation facility is a great location for your family camping trip. With a wide range of entertaining activities, there are many things for kids to do

  1. San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan re-opened its borders to the international community in September 2020. As the island is considered a part of US territory, they never closed borders to American citizens. That notwithstanding, you should be ready to undergo some mandatory COVID-19 health screenings and the various protocols. Your trip to this beautiful island needs just your travel essentials. San Juan’s sandy beaches and crystal-clear water bodies are a deserving welcome after enduring lockdown. The island boasts hotels such as “Fairmont El San Juan'', the beautiful Isla Verde Beach, and a host of entertaining facilities. You get to enjoy poolside cabanas with your children. For sports lovers, you’ll find pro-level tennis courts, jet skis, and parasailing very enticing. While there, seize the opportunity to tour El Moro with your family. This fort was built over 250 years ago.


  1. Amelia Island, Florida

This island resort is a favorite spot for families who prefer staycation. So, if you’re within Florida but still want to get a feel of travel after lockdown, Amelia Island is the perfect spot. The resort embraces nature and island wildlife. While there with your family, you will get a sense of naturalist living. Recently, the resort enhanced its island tours by introducing a resident naturalist. This person is responsible for giving tourists an experience ranging from birding excursions to fishing. If you love astronomy, you should start packing your bags already. Do you know why? The Amelia Island resort also has a resident astronomer who provides private stargazing sessions. You and your family are bound to learn some new things about constellations and planets.


Fortunately, with COVID vaccination here, there is the hope that things will return to normal. Should it not, do not feel miserable by any further restrictions concerning the pandemic. There will always be another time to live out your travel dreams with family. 


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