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How To Get Rid Of Pests At Home In Winter

 Now that winter is coming and Christmas is only a few weeks away it is safe for many of us to assume that our DIY days are done for the year. However, there is one issue in the home in winter that we need to be aware of; pests. 

In winter, and especially at the festive season; pests are attracted to the warmth of your home as well as any food sources such as sugar or pantry ingredients you may have out. It is crucial for you to take some measures this week to prevent the spread of pests at home and we are here to show you how. 

Here are some of the ways you can stop pests in their tracks this winter. 

Fix cracks in the wall 

The first small DIY job you can do to stop pests getting into the house is fix any cracks or holes in your walls. Even the tiniest crack can allow things like ants to get into your home, and once these bugs are in it is hard to get them out. Be sure to fix cracks in the wall with some decorator’s caulk or plaster and keep the pests away. 

Turn down the temperature 

Always be sure to turn down the temperature in your home if you want to eradicate pests. By turning down your thermostat at home this winter, you will be less likely to attract pests to your home and this can make a massive difference to your home. Be sure to save on your heating bill this winter and keep the temperature down as much as you can. 

Ask the pros 

If you are struggling with how to prevent or get rid of pests, consider talking to a professional such as aswatona pest control company. The pros know what to do in this situation and can give you some helpful advice for how to keep pests away from your home. 

Store pantry ingredients properly 

When considering the best way to prevent pests invading your home this winter, you need to consider how you store your food. Dry goods such as pasta, rice, flour, and sugar can all become infested with small mites known as pantry mites who will feed off these foods and multiply. The best way to avoid this happening is to store your dried items in airtight jars. One brilliant way to do this at low cost is to wash empty coffee jars and use these to store your food. 

Empty the bin often 

It is incredibly important as a homeowner trying to prevent pests to empty your bin often. When pests such as flies or bugs have the scent of rotting food they will always go towards it in search of food, so your bin can become a ticking time bomb for pest production in your home. Be sure to get rid of your bin when it starts to smell and change it every few days if you can. 

These small tips will make all the difference and help your home stay pest free in winter. 

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