Posted by / 12 November 2009 /

Week Two Recovery

This week has me quite a bit stronger but still needing a lot of rest. There were a couple of times when I overextended myself but I learned from those mistakes.

I had two drainage tubes removed on Monday.


I responded by getting the giggles. Poor Bob was left to deal with the lunatic woman who laughs in the face of extruciating pain. (however, still #2 to the flu test) I have never had anything so barbaric done to me before. No numbing the site, no nothing except, one, two, three, pull.

Oh well, it is done and I survived it. Bob called me brave. Can you be brave when you really don't have a choice?

Tomorrow stitches are going to be removed. I wonder how brave I will be? I am thinking that I will be just fine.

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