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Happy Birthday to me!

My 51st birthday was yesterday. I spent the day very quietly. I decided not to do any college homework as my celebration! I opened cards I had received and talked on the phone with my mom, my friend Marsha, and I had the cutest phone call from Jenny and Morgan who sang happy birthday to me twice! Totally adorable!!

I got darling ecards from my birthday triplets, Tammy and Tanya (one lives in Canada and the other in California!) and one from Kat (Just a Beach Kat) and Dana (The Stone Rabbit). Kat's featured all these different cakes and Dana videotaped the Stone Rabbit celebrating my birthday with a Mizzou hat and birthday candles!! TOOOOOO CUUUTTEEE!

I received over 140 Facebook birthday wishes. I was overwhelmed and so grateful.

Bob fixed a totally luscious steak, brussel sprouts, baked sweet potato and garlic bread. It was so yummy. My friend Letha had made a layer spice cake for me and we had that as well. I had a glass of wine that was fabulous!

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  1. Terri, I am so sorry I missed your birthday. A belated Happy 51st Birthday, to you!!

    We are headed home this morning. Had a great time, even with the cold rainy days. Sort of put us in the Christmas spirit.:-)

  2. SO glad you had such a pleasant celebration! Sometimes the quiet ones are the nicest of all!

  3. It does sound like you had a great birthday celebration, Terri! Your dinner sounds wonderful!

    Glad you took a break from your college work to totally enjoy your day.

    We had a splendid day in KC today! Lots of sunshine and pleasant temps. . . so different from Mon. and Tues.. Well, it IS Missouri, isn't it? Never a dull moment in the weather department.

    Have a great weekend! Dana

  4. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Happy belated birthday Terri! How wonderful to receive so many wishes from all over. Sounds like Bob really prepared a delicious dinner for you. I am one year older than you. I hope you are steadily feeling stronger and better and that the year ahead is full of blessings!

  5. And again I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!...wish I were close by to lift a glass and sing it to you in person...nah, you'd rather skip the singing!!!

  6. Happy Happy Birthday, Terri!!
    Do you think I could borrow Bob for a couple of nights? My family could use a dinner like that;)

  7. Being sick has made me totally rude.

    Happy Birthday, Terri!!!

    Barb ♥

  8. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Good Morning Terri, I hope you are feeling stronger. Your comment just now about the Thanksgiving book was cute! We have so many interests in common, we could be sisters!!! That is the thrill of blogging for me; finding & sharing with those who love the same things. I value your friendship and would like to wish you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving!

  9. So glad your day was lovely Terri. Cha, cha, cha!

  10. I'm so glad your birthday was a special one...just like YOU sweet friend.




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