Posted by / 18 November 2009 /

Happy Birthday to me!

My 51st birthday was yesterday. I spent the day very quietly. I decided not to do any college homework as my celebration! I opened cards I had received and talked on the phone with my mom, my friend Marsha, and I had the cutest phone call from Jenny and Morgan who sang happy birthday to me twice! Totally adorable!!

I got darling ecards from my birthday triplets, Tammy and Tanya (one lives in Canada and the other in California!) and one from Kat (Just a Beach Kat) and Dana (The Stone Rabbit). Kat's featured all these different cakes and Dana videotaped the Stone Rabbit celebrating my birthday with a Mizzou hat and birthday candles!! TOOOOOO CUUUTTEEE!

I received over 140 Facebook birthday wishes. I was overwhelmed and so grateful.

Bob fixed a totally luscious steak, brussel sprouts, baked sweet potato and garlic bread. It was so yummy. My friend Letha had made a layer spice cake for me and we had that as well. I had a glass of wine that was fabulous!

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