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On the Road Again...

Our Oliver/Steffes Thanksgiving is Sunday... we will be on the road to Marceline on Saturday. Our plans include a stop at Randolph Mercantile to see their Christmas wares, Wien to see Bob's mom and see how she is after her big Thanksgiving party, and then to Marceline for Peanut Night. This is when Santa comes to town. We are planning on taking my great niece and nephew along with my mom and sister. We will stay the night at Wien and then come into Marceline for our dinner. I bring desserts and this year it is a pumpkin cake, pumpkin pie and brownies.

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  1. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Sounds like a wonderful plan! I know your great niece/nephew will enjoy the festivities especially. The Mercantile sounds like a place I could get lost in!!! Have fun and stay safe.

  2. Hi sweet friend. Have a good time, be safe and take lots of photos.

    I just saw your Thanksgiving photos. Wow...you really had a crowd. So glad you were with so many loved ones.


  3. Sounds like fun!
    Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend!!

  4. OMG, Love the picture. This is your house. Who did it? Totally awesome. It was great to catch up with you on Tuesday.

  5. It sounds so wonderful, Terri!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    Barb ♥

  6. Love your blog header! Totally sweet! And I'm glad your holiday was fabulous! But, of course, it was! You just bring fabulous right along with you, girl!

  7. What wonderful memories you made this weekend!
    Hope you thoroughly enjoyed yourself.

  8. How FUN to pop over to visit you and see the painting!!!
    Hope you enjoy the holiday season!

  9. YOur family sounds like so much fun!!! xoxo

  10. Love the card from Fifi! Fabulous!

    Glad you had such a wonderful holiday!

  11. When Bonnie, Marian and I took our road trip this summer, we visited RANDOLPH MERCANTILE---I think---isn't that in Moberly? OMG, it was fabulous.....all set up for fall and Halloween and it was just the end of July! :) Dana

    PS I wanna go to Peanut Night!


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