Thanksgiving Plans and Preparations

The weekend before Thanksgiving and all through the house, all the creatures are stirring, even a mouse!

We are super busy here this weekend. My darling son-in-law and his darling brother delivered our new living room furniture to us today! And then, they took the old stuff to Goodwill and rearranged my furniture to my satisfaction! How sweet is that? Ashley was the director of the whole event. Pictures later, if I find my camera.

Sunday we will head to Wien to do the last minute details getting ready for the Steffes/Fessler Thanksgiving. We rotate this event and it is our turn. We have 21 families who come to this event! We have decided to bring Bob's baked macaroni and cheese as our contribution.

Our Annual Cookie Exchange is on Thursday morning. I will be making cookies on Tuesday to bring to this event. I am also bringing small gifts for the participants so I need to make those up as well.

We will have our family Thanksgiving meal on Wednesday. We are having Irene's meatloaf, brussel sprouts with slab bacon, macaroni and cheese, cornbread and a dessert, which is being provided by Ashley and Eric. The table is already set and ready to go!

We will leave for Wien on Wednesday night. We will meet up with Bob's brother and his family and do any last minute things. Thursday we'll do the cookie exchange and then the Steffes/Fessler dinner. After dinner we will head back to Jefferson City and get a good night's sleep for Black Friday! Bob and Ashley (Eric has to work) will head to the sales. Bob has a massage booked on Friday and we'll do some holiday decorating at the house. I will make pies for Sunday! I like a honey pumpkin pie recipe and a chocolate dessert for those who are not into pies!

Saturday we will head to Marceline to go to Peanut Night. Hopefully we will get to take our great niece and nephew to see Santa and buy peanuts and do some shopping. Inside the bags of peanuts are cash prizes. It is always fun to see if you won something! We will start brining the turkey early that morning.

The Oliver/Steffes/Gauthier Thanksgiving dinner will be on Sunday. Tammi will make a meatloaf and the rolls, mom makes the turkey, the green beans, the sweet potatoes, the noodles,the dressing and mashed potatoes, and I bring pies. I am looking forward to that meal!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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