14 March 2010

My First Relay for Life


A local insurance agency, Naught Naught Company, is sponsoring me this year in our local county Relay for Life. It will be my first Relay for Life as a survivor! I have a goal to raise $1000 for my team. If you feel inclined, you can donate through my personal website on the American Cancer Society webpage here: Terri's Ta Tas!

Lets get rid of this disease! Let's make sure our daughters, our friends, our mothers, our aunts... don't go through the rigors of this treatment ever again!

Donate any amount. All is needed and put to good use!


  1. All together now ---- Go Terri, go Terri ......

  2. LOVE the name of your team, Terri! Yes, we all need to pull together and continue to fight that disease. You are a wonderful inspiration....love your humor.

    Which Gooseberry Book were you published in? I love them...and have several.

    Happy St. Pat's! L, Dana

  3. Go Terri. I'll go back a contribution now!


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