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Bustopher 1994-2010

Our cat Bustopher passed away this morning from symptoms of old age. Bustopher was a complex cat, he loved his family and hated strangers, even if he had met them before. He used to chase my sister on two legs when she would come to visit, trying to scare her (he did). He hated going to the vets. They would come out to the car to give him his shots. He loved Dakota, our Westie, who passed away a couple of years ago. He wasn't terribly fond of our new dogs, Truman and Wilson, although I saw him sleeping curled up with Truman a time or two. As a kitten he was skittish about everything. He'd jump straight up in the air when the phone rang. His favorite thing to do was to lay on me. Really. No matter where I was sitting, he was either on my lap or around my neck. If I was laying on my side, he was on my hip. At night he'd sneak up by our heads and sleep between our pillows. He also would try to sneak up on our food or drinks... while we were sitting right there! He could move with incredible stealth, even up to Saturday, when he did it to Ashley. We will miss his incredibly soft fur and his big black eyes. Even though I complained about his constant need to be on me, I will miss his company.

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