What was I thinking??

Our middle school collects books to send to libraries in Africa. They are having a contest between the MS principal and my assistant principal that one of them will have to shave off their facial hair by whomever collects the most money for the postage it takes to send off the books. Last year it cost over $400.

The committee asked the elementary school to get involved and I agreed. The school needed to raise $100 and then I would dye my hair either pink or purple. Here's where the "what was I thinking" part comes in. I have to dye my hair either way!! We raised $40 on Monday, and by Wednesday, only $51. I thought I was in the clear but on Thursday my secretary said there was $170! and .... Friday is still left!

The kids clearly want pink, I think that is related to my breast cancer, but I have decided to put some purple highlights in my hair as well. The big reveal is Monday morning at an all school assembly. I am going to have a medley of music about hair... any song suggestions?

Look here sometime on Monday and I'll post pictures!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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