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Outdoor Wednesday

Bob and I have really began to enjoy eating outdoors. Last year we purchased a new patio set and we've really started to enjoy using it. Monday night I had dinner with friends at our local brew pub, Prison Brews, and we ate out on their large patio. After the sun finally got behind some trees, we really enjoyed sitting outside and soaking up our vitamin D.

Another local favorite is Madison's, an Italian restaurant. We love to dine outside there as well, as you have a limited view of the Governor's Mansion.

Summit Winery is another local favorite. It is a winery on the top of hill in Holts Summit, a small community just across the river. We go there weekly, with friends, colleagues and family.

Just last night as we were heading home after a little side trip to Cold Stone Ice Cream (which also has a cute little outdoor eating area!) we noticed that Alexandros has added outdoor dining to their restaurant. Perhaps that would be a good place to celebrate Bob's birthday next week!

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  1. I've been craving the winery lately...we should go!

  2. We love to dine al fresco! It makes me miss the fabulous Greek restaurants in Toronto were Tom and I and my best friends would eat in summers past. We also have an adorable little restaurant nearby that has the sweetest outdoor eating area in the back under a canopy covered in tiny, white lights. Makes for such a romantic and lovely evening.

  3. Hi Terri! :) oooo Sounds like such a fun time...!

    I could not help but smile as (Muse made)image of you, with camera in hand, popped into my head...

    Discreetly, sneeking through the bushes to get a snap of the gov. mansion! LOL...

    Of course like any good spy, you hit the winery and ice cream AFTER the job was done! LOL LOL

  4. All of those JC spots look wonderful! The photo of the sidewalk with the hanging planters is just gorgeous. I didn't know there was a winery in Holts Summit!

    Happy Wednesday!! I'm cleaning like a mad woman--I have a "blogger" friend coming tomorrow for a little visit! I'm so excited!! Dana

  5. Terri, how fabulous! We eat on the porch through June...then it gets too hot. Isn't it fun?


  6. I have not been to a Coldstone's. We were going to go one day but the one that was handy to us closed. ((pout))

    We stopped at Bruster's yesterday after Mikey's Internship Interview at Longwood Gardens though. I couldn't really taste it because of my cold. Unfortunately, I am sure that ice cream will go where it always goes...straight to my ample hips! Bad Ice Cream!

    Sorry...maybe its the Mucinex making me silly.

  7. We've been to Summit Winery and Madison's but haven't been to Prison Brew's.

    There is another place that's supposed to be good for lunch. Someone at the CU told Jim about it. Can't think of the name, though! If I do, I'll let you know. Perhaps you've been there. It was very very busy, the day we went by. No parking. A small catfish place is across from it. I think it's off Ellis. Can't get more vague than that!

  8. I looked for it...it's Oscars Diner. Have you tried that one? It has good reviews. We're thinking about stopping sometime, to check it out.

  9. Hi Terri,
    Such beautiful pics of a beautiful city! I would love to visit, hugs, Cindy

  10. Where have I been this week? It's Wednesday already? Oh my, and did I see broccoli on an earlier post? YUM, one of my favs. Mom and I have been fixing asparagus wrapped in bacon, baked for 10 minutes and wow, the only way to eat asparagus now.

    I know I would love to have a local place to eat outside. Other than the lake or our house. You are so lucky to have so many to choose from. The winery looks very cool!!

  11. Anonymous3:54 AM

    A lovely time of year to enjoy all these great spots! Keep us posted about Bob's birthday dinner.

  12. It's as if you are speaking a different language. :D But, I do love eating outside if it's not too buggy. (I don't suppose there are too many bugs in your world. Hope not!)


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