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Outdoor Wednesday

Bob and I have really began to enjoy eating outdoors. Last year we purchased a new patio set and we've really started to enjoy using it. Monday night I had dinner with friends at our local brew pub, Prison Brews, and we ate out on their large patio. After the sun finally got behind some trees, we really enjoyed sitting outside and soaking up our vitamin D.

Another local favorite is Madison's, an Italian restaurant. We love to dine outside there as well, as you have a limited view of the Governor's Mansion.

Summit Winery is another local favorite. It is a winery on the top of hill in Holts Summit, a small community just across the river. We go there weekly, with friends, colleagues and family.

Just last night as we were heading home after a little side trip to Cold Stone Ice Cream (which also has a cute little outdoor eating area!) we noticed that Alexandros has added outdoor dining to their restaurant. Perhaps that would be a good place to celebrate Bob's birthday next week!

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