Bob's Birthday Celebration!

Bob blowing out his martini olive candles!

We had a great time at the winery last night. We ate too much and drank some good wine. The highlight of the evening were the gifts!

Ashley and Eric gave Bob a vintage cookbook on making hamburgers and a bottle of wine from her recent trip to visit her friend. I had been working on a surprise for Bob since about early February, and that was having an illustration done of Bob at work!

Rick Green is an artist who does personalized character drawings. I emailed him a photo of Bob and some little things about him that he used in the drawing. You can visit here to see Rick's progress with the illustration.

Here is Bob with the illustration! He was so excited about it and commented on it over and over! It is fun when a present makes that nice of an impact!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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