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Memorial Day Cook Off!

Things at summer school slowed down tremendously today so I am able to post and hopefully be able to catch up with you this weekend!

On Monday, the Steffes and Hasty crews decided to have a contest to name our 2009 Summer Burger. We started off with two hamburger recipes that Ashley and Eric made that Bob and Eric bbqed. All of us were judges.

Burger 1 was the Cola Burger. The recipe:

1 egg
1 can of Coke
1/c c crushed saltines
6 T french dressing
2 T grated parmesan
1 1/2 lb hamburger

Mix the egg, 1/4 c of the cola, crackers, 2 T of the dressing, and parmesan. Mix well and add in hamburger gently. Form patties. Mix the remaining dressing and cola together and baste the burgers with the mixture as they grill.

Burger 2 was the Outside In Burger. The recipe:

1 1/2 lb hamburger
6 slices of Cheddar Cheese
ketchup, mustard
1/2 onion finely chopped
1 small tomato finely chopped
salt and pepper

Make 12 small patties from the hamburger. Make a dent in one patty and place a slice of cheese, some tomato, some onion, ketchup, mustard. Cover with one of the remaining patties and pinch together. Salt and pepper. Grill.

Bob and Eric grilled while Ashley watched and I had an allergy attack. We conducted a taste test by cutting two of the burgers into fourths and each of us tried a fourth, making comments as we judged.

Bob felt that Burger 1 was flavorful but needed more seasoning. I thought Burger 1 was sweeter and moister. Eric thought Burger 1 was moister and Ashley said it was just plain better!

Bob felt Burger 2 had more flavor. Eric thought it had a more traditional flavor and Ashley thought it was good. I thought it was good, too!

Then we got silly. (remember, we are big American Idol fans....)

Ashley: For me for you they were both good choices for a burger. But sweetie, the first burger was the best.

Bob: Well, both burgers LOOKED great!

Ashley: Huh? What?

Bob: They both were cosmicgorically good.

Eric: You deserved to be here.

Bob: Both of you will make it to the finals.

Ashley: But what were you thinking about the chips? Bad side choice.

Terri: Yes, at this stage of the game it is all about the side choice.

We decided it was a tie.

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  1. OH BOY! A burger cook-off! What fun and a great idea I may have to borrow a bit.

    Enjoy this wonderful weekend.

  2. Anonymous7:49 PM

    You are making me hungry!

  3. The recipe for the 2nd burger sounds very good. I thought someone would put green peppers in one...

  4. Good Morning Terri,
    I love the burger cook-off and your cute family pics. I think I need to try these wonderful sounding recipes. Your done with school? My hubbies last day is Friday and oh does he need a break! He pushes himself so hard getting the home done and ready for the open house. I'm so glad you came by, I can follow your link and get back here easily. Hugs, Cindy

  5. A TIE!?

    oh man...........


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