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Finally, a project completed!

Ashley bought this little table at a garage sale five years ago when she was starting college. This little table was in her dorm all four years. When she moved out, she didn't want the table anymore so Bob and I confiscated it for our little back porch. It has sat untouched for more than a year, knowing that I needed to do something to it to glam it up a bit.

This weekend when I was at Lowe's looking for something else (of course), I remembered I wanted to spray paint the table. I decided to go with a color that matched our outdoor table set.

It didn't make the table all that great, but I do think it looks a lot nicer on our porch! Of course, doing the little table meant I should get a new rug and wreath, too. Does that happen to you too?

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  1. What color did you paint it? It is kinda hard to tell in the picture. Isn't is a gray color?

  2. Terri, it is such a cute table....I love, love wicker.

    Yes, when I buy one thing...it often leads to other things. Ha.


  3. Anonymous9:22 AM

    The table is great for your porch. I have a saying, "one thing leads to another!" Sounds like you need to go shopping and look for the rug and wreath!

  4. Your "refreshed" table looks wonderful and so does that garden! When this week is over, I will finally have some time to g. sale--I love them. I've been working all morning on hanging eight floral prints I purchased at an antique store, then matted and framed. I'm using a laser level, but the pictures still seem to be hanging every which way!! My wall looks like Swiss cheese, now, too! Oooops! Dana

  5. LOL, it happens to me every time. If You Give A Mouse A Cookie...

  6. I'm in full-on project mode so yes, I understand completely! This is going to be a very busy summer (and fall) around our house!

  7. Oh yeah, one thing can lead to another and another....LOL! The table looks new painted!


  8. All the time...one thing always leads to the next. It's neverending! The little table looks great there. Ashley may want it back; she's already asking about color. ;D


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