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Chamber Gala

Our friends and neighbors invited us to join their table at the 117th annual Chamber Gala tonight. It is a fun dress up night and always a lot of fun. David is the manager at Alpla, who makes plastic containers for cosmetics.

Tonight's theme was Chamber Casino, a play off of the new James Bond Movie. Since it was the Chamber's 117th Gala, the secret agent's name was Double One Seven. Lots of fun poking at other Chamber members and the Mayor tonight!

Thank you David and Susan, for inviting us to the fun!!

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  1. You looked so beautiful Terri!


  2. You guys look great! Sounds like a fun theme for the evening.


  3. Awe, you guys look so glamorous!!!

  4. How very pretty you look Ms. Terri!

  5. What a evening! You look so amazing! I have been thinking of you.

    I wanted to let you know that I changed my email address to Decortoadore@hotmail.com.

    I wasn't sure if you needed to update anything since your blog is private.

    Keep up the good health!

  6. A fantastic picture of you both! Looks as if it was a fun evening out.


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