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2 Car Pile Up

My talented husband, you know him as Bob the chef, is also a musician. In fact, I think that is why I fell in love with him in the first place... Recently he was asked to join a band as their percussionist. As much as I like music, I was not looking forward to hauling around a trap set at our age. In the 80's Bob was in a couple of bands and we set up and tore down so many weekends! He plays a drum called a Cajon (pronounced Cuh hone) that he sits on and beats on it with his hands, fingers or a set of special brushes. He can set up and take apart his own instrument! Yippee!!

They played to a crowd on Saturday at a new bar called The Mission in Jefferson City. It was standing room only and there was actually a line to get in to hear them! In fact, one set of friends got in only to hear the last song!

The band has a lead singer, a lead guitarist who also sings and plays harmonica, a bass guitarist who can also play lead guitar, a cellist, and now Bob, the percussionist. They play an eclectic style of music, some originals, some Beatles, Madonna and other people I don't really know!

The bar manager told the band leader that this was his best night yet. Cool.

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