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Christmas Review

Yesterday we spent the day in Springfield for the annual Steffes Christmas.  We were all there!  It is becoming harder and harder to get us all in one spot but we all made an effort this year to do so. 

The Irene Steffes crew, 2010

Gary and Joy organized it this year and did a great job.  We were asked to bring stockings which we all did.  Gary stuffed them with all kinds of goodies, old fashioned candy, lotions, lights, body sprays, toys... we had so much fun opening them.  I hope we do it again next year.  Next we all drew out a candy cane out of a glass.  Numbers were written on the bottom.  We were each given a wine bottle from Jake's cupboard that had been melted down into a cheese tray.  Then we made our own unique wire decoration for the top.  Mine is of Mizzou colors!  Bob made his into an "s" shape.  Then we played our game for our annual gift exchange.  Each year we get a theme, this year "Stay Cation" and we each bring a $30 gift using the theme.  The candy canes determined who would go first.  A gift can be stolen two times and then it is "frozen" meaning no one can steal it again.  The gifts were awesome this year!  I got a gift card to Red Lobster and a movie and Bob had a bottle of wine and a cheese board.

We had a deep fried turkey made by Tim and then Karen made all kinds of goodies:  two kinds of hot potatoes with cheese, green beans and corn and then Gary brought in rolls from Lamberts (Home of the Throwed Rolls).  It was fabulous!

We all visited and caught up with one another (David has a beard! and Susan is pregnant!) which is one of the best parts of getting together.  Janie and Alex and Adam are such cute kids.  They entertained us quite well.  Can't wait to get Susan's baby in the crowd!

Karen, Ashley and Susan

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  1. That sounds like a fun Christmas. I miss having family around at the holidays.

  2. Happy Holidays Terri ....

  3. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Sounds wonderful Terri! I loved the pictures!

  4. What a wonderful time with your family. Warren loves Lambert's. I've never been there but he goes out a couple of times a year for his work.

    My Mom and Mother-in-Law were out this year.


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