The Oliver Christmas

We celebrated the weekend before Christmas since that was a time we could all get together.  We had everyone there, even though Tammi had to be a little late, due to an employee who shall remain nameless but who will one day experience the wrath of Terri if we ever meet in person!

Our food was great!  Mom ordered sub sandwiches and we all brought homemade treats.  Mom made eggnog, sugar cookies and her yummy peanut butter balls.  She used crunchy peanut butter and that was so good!

We hung out together and caught up (Tich passed her GED and Chris has two fabulous job offers on the table!)  Tammi arrived with Pat and the celebrating began!

After presents, everyone was trying things on to make sure they fit.  Ben had on his Old Navy sweatshirt with the built in earphones and then decided to "try on" his cologne.  He sprayed a big puff and then walked through it making the funniest face!  We all cracked up and made him do it over and over.  That led to Chris, Ashley and Ben doing funny poses.  Oh yes, got them all on digital.

It was a fabulous holiday spent with fabulous people!
Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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