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Merry Christmas 2010

Ashley had us all up at 6:00 this morning ready to open gifts.  We started with Truman and Wilson's stockings.  They eat had three doggie truffles, a breath cleansing bone and a toy. 

Then we each opened our own stockings.  We wrap each gift and go individually to unwrap.  Some highlight stocking stuffers this year were a beaded clutch, a tiger striped wallet, Farkle,  and a Straight No Chaser CD.  After unwrapping the stockings, we moved on to gifts.  Bob passed out the presents this year.  Highlight gifts Ashley: Cole Haan shoes, Eric:  Topsider shoes, Bob:  Kitchenaid Food Processor and Global knives, Terri:  screen door, microwave and a gold Tiger bracelet. 

After gifts, we watched some more Glee, while Bob prepared us a breakfast of gingerbread waffles, homemade applesauce, sausage crescent rolls, brown sugar bacon and a knock off of Starbuck's salted caramel hot chocolate.  Before we eat, we pulled our poppers.  We had great gifts this time!  A key chain, a wine charm, a deck of cards and a golf counter!   Breakfast was wonderful.

When we cleaned up, we played a game of Farkle.  We decided it was a great game and look forward to many more games this year. This Farkle game is in a container about the size and shape of a film canister (remember those?) and would be perfect to travel with.

Ashley and Eric are now at the Hasty's house where we will join them for dinner this evening.  What a great day for spending with family and friends.  Merry Christmas, all!
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