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Day of Organization

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Today is our day of organization at the house.  Bob is cleaning every kitchen drawer (whew) and I am going to do my dresser drawers and my side of the garage.  I am going to go through all of our slides and put them on a disk.  I bought a gadget from Brookstone to help with this task.  I plan to go through my computer and organize my photos, too, naming all the files so I can find them easier.  We have over 10,000 pictures so this will be a chore!

We are trying to find something unique to do on 1-1-11.  Any ideas?  I am suggesting that Bob and Eric play golf.  It is going to be 60 outside.  What a way to welcome in the New Year! 

So, the organization starts as soon as this blog post is over.

I can't think of anything more to say so I guess I better get started.




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  1. Your post has given me some ideas about what to do today. Your energy is an inspiration!


  2. I am in limbo regarding decorations beause my youngest son from Minneapolis is coming out to Bend on January 16th ... for one week. I want him to experience a bit of our holiday.

  3. You guys are doing ALL of those organizing tasks in ONE day? My hat is off to you!! Just tackling the computer photo files would take me days and days! Good for you!

    It did not even dawn on me that Saturday is 1-1-11!!! That DOES call for something very special!!

    Wishing you terrific New Year's wishes.....L, Dana

  4. I'd really love to get organized, but it will have to wait until school starts on the 3rd!


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