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Day of Organization

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Today is our day of organization at the house.  Bob is cleaning every kitchen drawer (whew) and I am going to do my dresser drawers and my side of the garage.  I am going to go through all of our slides and put them on a disk.  I bought a gadget from Brookstone to help with this task.  I plan to go through my computer and organize my photos, too, naming all the files so I can find them easier.  We have over 10,000 pictures so this will be a chore!

We are trying to find something unique to do on 1-1-11.  Any ideas?  I am suggesting that Bob and Eric play golf.  It is going to be 60 outside.  What a way to welcome in the New Year! 

So, the organization starts as soon as this blog post is over.

I can't think of anything more to say so I guess I better get started.




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