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Showers are a Beautiful Thing

My friends and I did what we do best... throw a party and when you are doing it for a friend, there is nothing more fun!  In our age experience, we have learned to do things that make a wonderful impact at a minimum of effort.  We still require a high degree of sophistication, but now we know how to pull that off much easier.

For example, instead of having the party at our home, we decided to have it at Summit Lake Winery.  They had to clean up before and after.  Joey had the cupcakes made by a friend of hers and they were yummy.  Denise brought in the paper goods for the cupcakes.  We ordered appetizers and wine from the Winery (and hit their buy one get one free apps, too!).  The Winery provided cloth napkins, plates and silver along with sparkling wine glasses!  Terri ordered the invites online.  Charlotte made favors from Hershey candy bars using the couple's save the date photo.  Tambra put together a darling centerpiece using the bride's crystal and some lovely flowers!  Marsha came looking radiant like the mother-of-the-bride should!

Kylene received beautiful pieces of her china and crystal as gifts.  We all heard about the wedding, how she and Matt met, and met Matt's lovely mother, Pat.

Afterward we stayed and partied with Bob's band, 2 Car Pile Up.  A great way to spend a late spring day!

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  1. Good Morning Terri!
    Looks perfect!!

    What a lovely thing to do and in such a beautiful uncomplicated way.

    Becky K.

  2. What a wonderful way to celebrate! The band sounds like it would be so much fun too - I love the name :)

  3. Looks like fun...what a unique centerpiece!

  4. I agree, showers are a fun party and great way to celebrate a milestone.

  5. Anonymous5:56 PM

    What a beautiful shower! Perfect to have it at a location where no one was on clean up duty and you could just relax and have fun.

    "2 Car Pile Up"!!! Love the name!!

  6. What fun and such a pretty spot!

  7. A winery is a great idea for a party place...particularly like that they clean up :)

  8. The party sounded like a lot of fun and I agree, they are best held in a public place. We are having a shower for my son's fiancee Friday and I am all nerves...experience or not. I just want all to go well. I'm glad you had a wonderful time, Terri!


  9. Good Morning!
    I featured the Bath Cocktails on my candle blog today......

  10. LOL what a great name for a band! Sounds like you all had a fun time.

  11. Very smart way to have a party!!!!

    I'm trying to catch up with my blog friends tonight. It seems like forever since I've had time to just sit at the computer and visit.

    Yuck on the cicadas! I remember when we lived in Nashville and had them one year....GROSS GROSS GROSS!

    Hope all is good with you.


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